using Mac enlp Packaged Library

I have never used the packaged library feature in Mac until today.  Using EN X3 on OS X 10.5.

When I create a packaged library, it creates a .enlp file (“angela.enlp”), but the library istelf is still an .enl file (library name shows as: “angela.enl”). 

If I close the library, I can not later open the angela.enl file. If I double click on the “angela.enlp” file it opens as an .enlp file (library name is “angela.enlp”) and  EndNote it will not let me do some things with the .enlp library, like online search, copy/paste. 

What am I doing wrong? How can I get into the .enlp to find the .enl file?

If I send this file to someone else, how will they be able to get to the “angela.enl” library?

Hello Angela,

First, I would recommend that you make sure that your Mac OS has been updated to at least 10.5.6.

It’s currently the minimum required for full EndNote X3 compatiblity.

As for the ENLP file…  there are actually Two ways to save the file.

If you open the ENLP, and choose Save a Copy, it should provide you with a checkbox for Save as a Package.

Unchecking this box will allow you to resave the library as a combination of .ENL file and .DATA folder.

If your current Angela.enl file does not have a corresponding .DATA folder, that is likely why this file will not open (both are required).

Additionally, the EndNote preferences on the Macintosh often play a major part when EndNote seems to be acting oddly.

A quick test here shows those options behaving correctly on my system.

You can find instructions for resetting your EndNote Preferences here…

I hope this helps.




I am using endnote X8 on mac. I have read that it is best to save file as enl instead of enlp. How do i change to enl if i already have it as enlp. Thanks