Entering new reference

How do I toggle off the fields I don’t want to use when entering a new reference? I don’t want to create a whole new reference type; if an ISBN search returns a lot of data, I might as well keep it. But for manual entry I only want to enter a few fields, and don’t want to tab through every single field.


Unwanted fields may be either: 1) removed from the reference type by manually editing the template and deleting the field(s); or 2) hidden by clicking the “Hide Empty Fields” option at the top of the reference type’s window (but this is performed after a reference has been entered).

For item #1, go to the EndNote toolbar, click EDIT, PREFERENCES, then in the EndNote Preferences dialog box click to select: Reference Types.  Next click the “Modify Reference Templates” button - now for each reference type, scroll down the list of fields in the template and delete the unwanted fields which prevents them from being displayed when entering a new reference. Click OK when done.

Note:  Once the reference templates have been modified, make a backup copy of the reference type table by clicking the “Export” button. 

As a work-around for the “hide” feature to work effectively, I have a dummy record with the fields I want to fill, filled with some text, and then I copy that dummy and replace those fields with the specific text I want.