Error in Style "Lecture Notes Notes in Comp Sci"


When I format my bibliography with the EndNoteWeb style called Lecture Notes in Comp Sci (LNCS), I get incorrect information for all the Conference Proceedings entries of my bibliography.

This is due to a bug in the LNCS Style, which looks like this:

Author: Title. In: Conference Title|, pp. Pages|. Publisher|, Place Published| (Year)

 There is no field “Conference Title” and so it repeats the “Title” field after the word “Conference”. Hard to believe nobody spotted this before? Also, I believe this causes the “Year” field to be missed, too.

The annoyance is of course that EndNoteWeb won’t let me define (or override) the style, so I can’t fix it. Or can I?

How do I log the bug so it gets fixed on the site?

For example, I get the following bad entry for reference [6] in the list of references. You can see the title is repeated instead of the conference name.

  1. Fletcher, J., Cleland-Huang, J.: Softgoal Traceability Patterns. In: Conference Softgoal Traceability Patterns, pp. 363-374. (Year)

I’m attaching what I believe to be the corrected version for ‘Lecture Notes in Comp Sci’ output style.

The change is in the Bibliography -> Templates -> Reference types -> “Conference Proceedings” field, which should be

Author: Title. In: Conference Name|, pp. Pages|. Publisher|, Place Published| (Year of Conference)

The result is much better for the reference I showed above:

  1. Fletcher, J., Cleland-Huang, J.: Softgoal Traceability Patterns. In: 17th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE '06), pp. 363-374.  (2006)

Lecture Notes in Comp Sci (fixed).ens (12.5 KB)