Missing year in BibTeX export of Conference Proceedings entries


I recently used BibTeX with one of my EndNote databases in X4 on the PC, and the BibTeX export style was a great resource.

However, I found a small problem. The BibTeX export file produces flawed Conference Proceedings (@inproceedings) entries. They are missing the year={} in BibTeX when they’re exported.

I believe this problem is due to a misnamed field in the export (style) file for BibTeX. The last line refers to the “Year of Publication” field, which is blank for a Conference Proceedings entry. I believe this should be “Year of Conference”

Here’s what I corrected this part of the BibTeX output style to (and it gives good results).

|   author = {Author},
|   title = {Title},
|   booktitle = {Conference Name},
|   editor = {Editor},
|   series = {Series Title},
|   address = {Place Published},
|   publisher = {Publisher},
|   volume = {Volume},
|   pages = {Pages},
|   note = {Notes},
|   abstract = {Abstract},
|   keywords = {Keywords},
|   year = {Year of Conference}

I have seen a similar error (misnamed year field) in other styles (IEEE? I can’t remember precisely now), and I wonder if it’s not something due to a change in how fields are named? Anyway, I informed Thomson using their link at http://endnote.com/support/enstylereq.asp. However, since I don’t know how soon this fix will make it out (if at all), I’m posting it here.

I have noticed something similar with Year and conference proceedings using Endnote X4 and Word 2011 (Mac).

If I insert a reference to a conference proceedings, say my own paper (Kelly 2006) using Harvard style.  Then in the biblogaphy I get:

“KELLY, A. Year. Positioning Business Patterns. In: ZDUN, W. & HVATUM, L., eds. EuroPLoP, 2006b Irsee, Germany. UVK Universitassverlag Konstanz GmbH.”

Year is just Year.

Looking at Harvard style there is “Conference Proceedings” item which I used for this and others.  But this defines “Year of Conference” and “Year Published” fields but not a “Year” field.  If I look at the Harvard Bibliography Template for “Conference Proceedings” it uses the Year field.

I am sure this didn’t happen with earlier version of EndNote because I’ve used Harvard output style with the same database many times and in old PDFs there problem isn’t there.

Is there an official fix for this?  Or should I just hack the style template?