the field "title" is empty under the conference paper and conference proceedings reference type

am experiencing problems when am entering a conf paper or conf procedings in the X3, X4 EndNote Library. Alhough all  fields appear in the preview tab, the title is missing, but it appears normally in my library. Of course it doesn’t seem to appear in Word 2007 as well so I have to enter the title manually.  Any reasons for that? Thanks Petros

Greetings Petros,

It sounds like this particular field is not defined to be included within the output style that you’ve selected.  To verify this, you should be able to open the selected output style for editing and review the bibliographic templates.  To do so:

1.  Open EndNote.

2.  Within EndNote, click “Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager…”.

3.  Find the desired style from the Style Manager and then double click on its name.

4.  With the Edit Style window open, click on the “Templates” tab, which appears beneath “Bibliography”.

5.  On the right side of the Templates tab, check to see if you have definitions for how Conference Paper and/or Conference Proceedings references are to be formatted.

6.  After finding the associated template(s), if you do not see the Title field, position your cursor within the template where you’d like the title to appear and click “Insert Field” to choose “Title”.

7.  Once you’ve made the desired changes, click “File>Close Style” to close your Edit Style window.  You will be prompted to save this customized output style with a new name.

8.  Make sure your EndNote library is open, return to your Word document and select your newly created output style from the “Style” drop down menu on the EndNote tab inside Word.

Please let me know if this help.

Best Regards,

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