Error with co-authors


I work with Endnote 9 and Microsoft Word 2007. I use a footnote style based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed., adapted to my needs (law, in German). The footnotes should look like this:

  1. Andreas Lowenfeld, International Law in Historical Perspective, New York 2008, 33-44.

  2. John Kline, Law in a Nutshell, New York 2005. 

  3. Andreas Lowenfeld, Sanctions against Rogue States: New Developments, AJIL 95 (1999) 33-72. 

  4. Andreas Lowenfeld/Frank Church,Trade Law in the U.S., Boston 2009.

  5. Lowenfeld, International Law, 91.

  6. Lowenfeld, Sanctions, 45.

  7. Lowenfeld/Church, 81-83.

  8. Kline, 99-102.

So the idea is to identify every article or book with a short title if necessary because there are several publications by the  same author. Unfortunately, Endnote can’t handle this properly with co-authors. In footnote 7, it inserts also a short title because Lowenfeld is one of the co-authors. It is, however, unnecessary as there is only one article by Lowenfeld/Church.   

I would appreciate a tip about how to solve this problem. 

Thank you


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