Short title flaw


I am working with Endnote 9 and Microsoft Word 2007. I use a footnote style based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed., adapted to my needs (law, in German). The footnotes should look like this:

  1. Andreas Lowenfeld, International Law in Context, New York 2008, 34-38.

  2. Harold Maier, Comity and Jurisdiction, HJIL 67 (1980) 78-100, 88.

  3. John Kline, The Law, London 2007.

  4. Fred Clinker,Regime Change in the Third World, AJIL 77 (1971) 33-66.

  5. Lowenfeld, Context, 2.

  6. Maier, 99. 

  7. Andreas Lowenfeld, Sanctions in International Law, AJIL 88 (1981) 22-45, 31

  8. Lowenfeld, Context, 5-6.

  9. Lowenfeld, Sanctions, 32.

This means the short title should appear whenever there are several articles of the same author, but not when there is only one article by an author. Unfortunately, Endnote doesn’t insert the short title in Footnote 5, because the second article by Lowenfeld only appears in footnote 7 (so it works in footnote 8 at least). This is clearly a bug as such an article or book by an author of whom I quote several books/articles has to be identified with a short title. 

There is no solution for this, I suppose? Would Thomson please take care of this flaw?