Authors with same family name


I work with Endnote 9 and Microsoft Word 2007. I use a footnote style based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed., adapted to my needs (law, in German). The footnotes should look like this:

  1. John Bolton, International Law, New York 2008, 55.

  2. Frederick Bolton, American Law, Boston 2009, 44; John Bolton, The Security Council, AJIL 99 (1988) 55-77.

  3. J. Bolton, International Law, 23.

  4. F. Bolton, 89.

  5. Andreas Lowenfeld, Sanctions Law, New York 2008.

  6. Lowenfeld, 54; J. Bolton, Security Council, 66.

Endote handles the problem of several authors with the same family name by adding the title/short title every time, so fn. 4 becomes “Bolton, American Law, 89”. Is it not possible to tell Endnote to identify authors with the same family name by adding the initial of the given name? 

Thank you for your help.


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