et al.

I am using The “cite while you write” plugin for word.

It’s the latest version of word and the “cite while you write” was installed last week.

I am using the “Plymouth Cite_them_right” bibliography format, as this is my university and they use Harvard referencing style.

I have been requested by my lecturer to use “et al” if I have 3 or more authors. The plug-in, however, doesn’t do this on certain references. I have checked on my database and all the authors are on a different line. I am unsure as to why some of the references will be listed in the text as “et al” while others will not be. 

I have gone through many posts on here and I can’t follow anyone’s methods and I assume this is because they are using the desktop version which I do not have/ cannot afford.

I have even tried to change them all manually but as soon as I did it just updated the citations and redid it all. 

Please help.