Excel CWYW

I produce many Excel files with various types of literature-derived data. I would always like to insert a reference citation for the data, similar to how it is done in Word. For ease of use, calculations, sorting, etc. For this task Excel is far better than trying to accomplish this in Word.

My suggestion is to provide a version of CWYW for Excel. The citations could be numbered and the references could be listed in a seperate spreadsheet in the workbook. I think that it would make a valuable tool that would be widely used.

Thanks for your comments! This feature is already available in the Windows version of EndNote. At this time we are unable to integrate with Excel for Macintosh as Microsoft does not make the API available. When this becomes available we plan to look at integration.

That’s interesting! Where do I find this option for CWYW in Excel? I only cound find the plugin for MS word. I currently have Endnote X6.

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I think she mispoke. I believe she may have been refering to PowerPoint and not to Excel.