Powerpoint CWYW needed

Increasingly, Powerpoint is used as a method for publication, not just presentation.  It would be really useful if Endnote could provide the support necessary to ease the academic process, as it has for Word, in managing the citing and referencing process.

I had assumed that CWYW would apply across the Microsoft Office family of programs (the add-in is visible in toolbar), so I spent some frustrating hours trying to make CWYW work in Powerpoint. 

Immediately, the Help file needs to be revised to state clearly that CWYW does not work in Powerpoint and to provide the useful workround developed by the Customer Care analysts.

In the longer term, the Endnote add-in needs to work seemlessly across as many Office products as possible.

Thank you

Win10 64 bit, Office 2013, Endnote 7

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I agree - increadingly working with PowerPoint and the copy and paste from Word is tedious