"Exclusive OR" function for modifying templates

I have been struggling to find a solution for a problem since version X3, and now an EndNote support agent has kindly informed me that the function I am looking for is not supported in X7. He advised me to suggest it for the EndNote Enhancemtn Team and also on the EndNote suggestions forum.

What I have been looking for is an “exclusive OR” or “conditional OR” function in modifying templates, especially fottnote templates. I would like to display the full range of pages of a journal article or a book section whenever I do not specify “Cites pages”. That is, when I refer to the whole article and not just to some specific pages.

I would like to have an “exclusive OR” function which may come as a special character similar to the already existing “caret”, the “diamond” or the “pipe” in X7. The function would display the value of one field (“Pages” in my example) only if another field is left empty (“Cited pages” in my example).

In the meantime, I need to make sure to enter the full range of pages after the “@” sign in journal articles and book sections whenever I do not have specific pages in mind.

I am sure the prospective function could be used for much more, and would be welcomed by the whole EndNote community. I do not know the programming side of the issue, but I guess this would be a relatively easy development for a future version of EndNote, possibly already for X8.

I am looking forward to the thoughts of the EndNote Enhancement Team and the Users Community.