New update to EndNote- X7.3.1

We just released a free update to our X7 desktop! Update now for critical fixes to Cite While You Write regarding ambiguous citations. ‪ 


How does the update correct the ambiguous problem. exactly.  As I many times reported :

(as well as when I’ve officially been beta tester for X7 2013 (EndNote Bug 59038) and see one of my post on the subject at, , )

the problem was that the check box “when using the short form, include the title field only when needed to disambiguate a ciation” (under the output style windows footnotes template) was not working properly. In fact, when an ambiguous citation when detected it always adding the short field. 

This bug was confirmed by the staff: here is there aswer to my bug report :

It’s broken–the check box isn’t working for the short form. It should NOT be
showing any title if that check box isn’t ticked, instead it is showing the
title (short or long) every single time. 

Before updating I need to know if this bug has been corrected. 



@as1 of a moment ago the EndNote_Mktg wrote:

We just released a free update to our X7 desktop! Update now for critical fixes to Cite While You Write regarding ambiguous citations. ‪ 

 The URL in your posting leads to a missing/404 page (see attached image). Could a corrected URL posted? Also, just to clarify, the X7.3.1 update is not to be confused with the X7.3 update available on the downloads page?

Thank you for the notification. It appears the link is now working:

Please let us know if you have any issues reaching the link now.

I have downloaded this update - am using Mac Office 2011. Now when I am using the online mode to obtain references, I can only pull up one reference at a time. When I try to search for another reference, the previous one disappears. This is a huge problem for me! I am used to finding 20-30 references before copying them into my library. Can you help?

This release contains a critical bug fix for Cite While You Write. Specifically, ambiguous citations were being incorrectly identified and letters appended to the year were incorrect. For example, instead of seeing “(Smith 2000a, Smith 2000b, Smith 2000c)” citations were appearing with random letters after the year.

Just prior to this release, we also implemented critical bug fixes for the Find Full Text feature. These fixes were made in code that is external to the EndNote program file, and optimized access for journals from the following providers:

ACS (American Chemical Society)
APS (American Physical Society)
PLoS (Public Library of Science)


I updated this this morning.  Now mac word crashes while updating in-text citations.  I’m using Word for Mac 2011 Version 14.5.0 (150423).



Hello Chris,

I am sorry to hear that. EndNote X7.3.1 and Word 2011 version 14.5 are working for me. I would recommend contacting Technical Support if the issues have persisted: