Export citations and MS Word Headings

Good Day,

I have a 123 page  technical document in MS Word 2000 with well over 200 references in it.  All the references are in EndNote (I use X6).

I would like to build an ‘index’ to where the references are in the document and I prefer to know what MS Word Heading (e.g. 4.1.1) the reference is currently at.  So the output might be something like:

  • 4.1.1.  [2,3]  etc…

It occurs to me that all this data *has* to be somewhere buried within MS Word and EndNote because both the headings and EndNote references are hyperlinks within the document.

Exporting citations and MS Word headings is problematic as what’s needed is hidden from users and there are no built-in tools to readily extract the info. However, why bother with exporting when you can use MS Word’s indexing feature to: 1) mark index terms (your headings) and sub-entries (your citations) within the same document; and  2) include cross-references and page numbers in an indexed list which can be updated and is hyperlinked.

As a reference point refer to image 1 which provides a sample output of an indexed document based on your example (with the header preceding the numbered citations). The index also includes page numbers. (Refer to the bottom of the image for the index layout.)

The procedure for creating an index described below (refer to image 2 for steps 1-3) but first click the References tab in the MS Word ribbon.

  1. Begin by selecting the header.
  2. Next click “Mark Entry”.       
  3. In the Mark Index Entry dialog box enter the bracketed citations info into the Subentry field (for all the citations in that header’s section). Then click Mark which inserts the indexing codes.
  4. Go to the next header and repeat steps 1-3 until all headers and citations have been marked.
  5. Finally, to generate the index, place your cursor where the index is to be inserted then click “Insert Index" and designate the layout settings. (Refer to the bottom of image 1 for layout settings.)