Linking citation to references section in Word and PDF

Is it possible to link the in text citation to the reference in the references section so that when you click on the in text citation it takes you to the corresponding reference in the references list? Also, how do you keep this link when you convert to pdf?

I know how to do it using citation manager/equation editor built into Word 2007 but not in Endnote X1. Please help.

Endnote (X2 and earlier, at least) currently do not have this facility.

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I have written some VBA macros to automatically add Word bookmarks into the EndNote references section and then add cross-reference links that jump from citations to the references. (I have also worked on formatting hyperlinks in citations - which EndNote does not seem to handle in the same way as for References [any comments?]).

This functionality is carried through into pdf by Adobe Acrobat.

This is a work in progress, but would anyone else be interested in this functionality?


Yes, I would be very interested! Can you make this solution available here on the forum?

That’s common functionality in most other systems (in BibTex, for instance, simply include hyperref.)

I’m not sure what justifies the use of the “Solved!” button.

It should read “Confirmed Bug!”

I feel that this functionality would be really useful, since it very much simplifies for the reader of a huge document. Would be grateful if you would share your macro with us!

It is also a functionality that many journal publishers include with pdfs of  electronic journal articles. If this had been part of X3, I would have considered upgrading from X2.

I agree this feature is something requested many times. 

There is a “X4 Wish list” thread in the Product Suggestion board.

Please add your suggestion to the end of this thread.

The more people join their voice, the better chance we get the feature in the next version.



I am also desperate to link my citations to the references section. If there is really someone that has written a VBA macro for this purpose, please share it. Also, any other ideas to accomplish it are appreciated - I mean, as stupid as Word is, there has to be a way to do this???

I really spent hours searching the net. I am so in despair for a solution, I would even consider learning VBA for this purpose.




Since I did not get a reply, I programmed a VBA macro for the purpose of cross-referencing myself. It’s not that hard - I’d say the Endnote programmers could really build that functionality in.