How to find where you cited a specific reference


I 've had this question for quite a while now and hope you can help me.

I am going through my references in the EN X7 program to check I have been consistent in adding data. I am using this reference library for several Word documents.

There are a couple of references, however, that I’d like to go back to on Word in order to amend the page numbers in the footnotes. Is there a way EN can tell me in which documents I have used those specific references?

In other words, if I go through my reference library, is there a way I can click on–say-- a journal article and see in which Word file I have cited it?




No.  It doesn’t keep track of what word documents a record has been used in. It does keep track of what records have been used in a word document, as a temporary group with the name of the document, just under the “All References” at the top.