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Hello everyone,

Is it actually possible to export the empty fields in the references? Because the empty fields (names) are not shown after the reference being exported and I’ve tried many output styles.

For example in the attached picture, I would like to have these fields:

Accession Number: xxxxxx

Call Number: (empty)

Label: (empty)

Keywords: xxxxx

to be shown in my exported file. Is it possible to have only the field names in the exported file?

Thank you in advance!


The default style called Show All Fields could be modified to always display the names of fields if they are empty since by default it will only include the field name when the field is filled in.

Here is a sample of the current format:

Current template.png

You could edit the style as shown here for the Author, Year and Title field

changes needed.png

You would need to change the Link Adjacent Text symbol to a regular space using the space bar and add a Forced Separation in front of the Paragraph mark for each field or for the fields you want the label to appear on when using this style or follow this template when making your own style.

You can find additional information on style editing on our website.


You can also contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or

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