Export Endnote Web Groups retaining group names in export file

I have nearly 2000 references input in Endnote Web 3.3 all of which are divided into 46 groups with some references sharing several groups.  I would like to export all the files into a single file but still somewhere in the export retain which groups each reference is associated with.  Is there a way to do this without me having to hand enter the group names into a field that I am not using like “Caption”?

A quick test shows the “groups” info for EndNote Web references wasn’t included in the exported text file.  So it looks like some manual “precoding” of the references to identify their respective group may be called for before exporting the .txt file.

If you’re using EndNote X (10.0.2) or later why not use the “Transfer References*” feature to download the web references to the desktop? You’ll need to download each group separately but at least the group names are retained with references appropriately segregated (see attached image).


* For EndNote version 10.0.2 or later, go to the toolbar, select “Tools > EndNote Web”. For EndNote X1 or later go to the toolbar, select"Tools > Transfer References". You will be prompted to provide your EndNote Web login and password.

Does Endnote web allow one to edit a field in a selected set of records, like Endnote desktop does?  If so, while slightly tedious for 42 groups, it might be preferable to add a group name to a field (keywords?) and then in Endnote create a smart group with each of the keywords to automatically assign it to the groups.  A bit easier than exporting each group and importing them?  Also, importing a record that is in two groups probably will either duplicate it or not import it the second time, if duplicate check is on.  Neither is a good result.  Either the record will only be kept in one group, or the reference is duplicated and that is not a good solution either!