Export or report of Smart Group and Custom Group information for multiple references


I would like to export the names of Groups assigned to multiple references.

Reason:  I have a collection of references in Endnote where I I use Smart Groups set up to search for specific Grant ID codes in the pdf attachements of references.  This allows me to show the referenes supported by each grant ID (very useful).  I’d wnat to do the reverse process to select multiple references (e.g. for the current year) and then show the Grant ID Codes supporting the references (i.e. the list of associated Smart/Custom Groups).    I can use this list of Grant ID Codes to separately search a grants database to calculate the total grant income, research programs etc that supporting the selected publictions.   This very useful information for assessing the funding impact of a collection of references.   Of course, the same process can be used for other smart/custom groups for similar benefti.

At present i do this one reference at time via cut/past of the record summary and manually pull out the codes.  However, this is very laborious.  So a way of doing it directly output Smart/CUstom Group names for multiple references would be very useful for me. Alternatively, being able to include Smart/Custom Groups in an Output Style would be equally usuful.