export to medline format

hi - i’d like to export references in medline format -  i would of thought this was a standard output to export but i have failed to find anything -

i’m sure i have missed something blatantly obvious so anyone can point me in right direction?

There is an output style, “Medline (NLM) Export”.

I’ve never tried it myself, but it looks current. Choose this output style from the pull down menu in the file dialog box, when you export.

thanks ! that explains it - i don’t have that output style …i’m using a recent version x3 will locate the styles file but i don’t find it on endnote styles webpage -will look at cd software came with

I can’t find that either, even on the Endnote web styles finder.  Can you attach yours Masaaki?

added in edit – oh I found it now, in an old folder from X or X2 - attached.  

Medline (NLM) Export.ens (4.09 KB)

fantastic - i’ve wasted much time on this - -suspect due to a upgrade from x2 to x3 and it killed most of my styles - getting a full list of styles but it seems odd from adeptscience website …

i’ve imported that style and works great!

have a good weekend

Oh, glad Leanne found it…I didn’t know it’s been killed. I don’t know why they eliminated such an simple style. Some people definitely move some EN data to other software, and MEDLINE output is definitely a good bridging export style.


Hi Masaaki, what is weird is that i try to download the full set of endnote styles from the web site and it is supposed to give you a link that it sends to your email and that mail i never recieve -so in summary thanks for highlighting the format as i would not of got it if it wasn’t distributed here in this forum!