Exporting References from a database to EndNote

Dear Colleagues

I’ve exported some articles from a database [Ebsco] to my EndNote library and some journal article references were treated as “Film or Broadcast”.

I don’t remember this happening with X1 and with X2 it happened some times now…

Did anyone detect this problem too? Can we do something besidechanging it one by one in the library?

Thank you very much,

Pedro Novais

Do you have an example of such references?

Here goes an exemple:

Klüpfel, P., Erler, J., Reinhard, P., & Maruhn, J. A. (Writer) (2009). Systematics of collective correlation energies from self-consistent mean-field calculations [Article], European Physical Journal A – Hadrons & Nuclei.

In the Ebsco databases it appears classified as an Article, as you can see here (I copied part of the reference):

Title: Systematics of collective correlation energies from self-consistent mean-field calculations. Authors:Klüpfel, P.1 kluepfel@theorie2.physik.uni-erlangen.de
Erler, J.1
Reinhard, P.1
Maruhn, J. A.2 Source:European Physical Journal A – Hadrons & Nuclei; Mar2009, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p343-355, 13p Document Type: Article  _______________________________

Thank you, Pedro Novais

This is a known issue with EndNote X2 and you need to download an updated import filter:


Dear Peter  Travis

Thank you, very much. I’ve tested it ant worked well.

My best regards,

Pedro Novais

Is this import filter included in the new EndNoteX2.0.1 patch? I’m sure it will be, but thought I’d check.