failure to convert to a relative path


trying to convert pdf links to relative links fails most of the time.

also when creating a pdf link, the lower “copy this file to the default pdf  folder and create a relative link” doesn’t work. when i keep the cross inside, it wont create a pdf link at all.

are there any suggestions why this is not working??

because i have no idea.




How long are your “file names”?


EndnoteX .

fyou mean the name of the pdfs? : e.g.  “Gold, Shadlen. The neural basis of decision making. (2007) AnnRevNeurosci.pdf”

is that to long? 

i didn’t know that there would be a limitation in naming pdfs…

is there any way to create a relative path, anyway?

thank for replying!!!


Elsewhere in the forum (

Jason noted

In regard to - “Is there any limitation on the length of the name of the PDF file?” - EndNote does not have its own specific limit. However, the Windows operating system typically imposes a limit to the overall length of a file “path” to a maximum of 244-260 characters - depending on the exact conditions/version of the operating system. EndNote’s attached files are impacted by this Windows limitation as are nearly all other files used on a Windows-based computer.

I would recommend moving the PDF / or the EndNote library (including .data folder) in question to a location that is not deeply nested in a set of folders and see if this resolves the issue.

So, it doesn’t look like it is too long unless your library is deeply nested.  How are you attaching your PDFs (drag and drop to the item in the library list window, Add PDF?)  Do they not appear as an icon, or are they not accessible when you try to open them?  Are there folders appearing in the PDF folder of the DATA folder? 
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