failure to open files with Unicode characters in their file path

If you want to open a file, say .pdf, from within Endnote (right-click, attachments, open file; OR Menu: References, File attachments, Open file; OR Ctrl-Alt-P [the record being highlighted, of course]), you get the error message “This URL (…) could not be launched”. It suffices that in the file path there is an accented è ú ô, umlauted öäü, or other Unicode non-ASCII-7 letter. Endnot(e) pretends to be Unicode-compliant, as is Windows; but this is evidently not the case. I have signalled this endnote bug to the support team already in the past, for version X5 and previous, but to no avail. After a long exchange of emails (why can’t these programmers not reproduce something so simple in their office?), the bug got registered and the case was closed. Now I have to conclude that despite the year that passed, it is still there in X6. What good is it to signal bugs to Endnote if there is no remedy? Good luck with Endnote J