File attachements do not open

Hi to all! I have Endnote X3 and till yesterday used it without facing any problem at all. Now it does not open any file attachements. I can open the files with Adobe Reader but not through the Endnote. The .enl file and the data folder do not have long pathways (D://MyBibliography.enl). Itried in one-two references deleting the attachement files and attach them all over again. Still receive the same error (The URL could not be launched). All the other files docs and htmls attached to endnote references open without any problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

PS. In case it matters I have Windows VISTA and Office 2007 

problem solved. I followed P.Travis’ instructions from a message with subject "Re: Endnote X1 file attachments error - “This URL(\) could not be launched” " date 10-30-2008. 

I use Vista, so I followed the path Control panel> Programs> Default Programs> Make a file type always open in a specific program. Then I chose .pdf to open with my Acrobat programme.

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