Feature a list of references within each paper - an important tool

(I have not been able to find this feature, so if it is indeed there, then please guide me to it)

WITHIN A SCIENCE PAPER there is a list of references to other science papers that the scientists behind the paper have used in their work. It would be a major improvement to EndNote to be able to have that list replicated in a window/menu/tab of its own attached to each paper and being able to click on the titles to call up those other particular referenced papers.

The procedure of creating such a link between two papers (main paper A and referenced paper B) can be by simply (right-)clicking on a paper A, then having a prompt that says (something like) ”add referenced paper…”, then finding the referenced paper B and clicking/linking that to paper A. The title of paper B will then appear in the reference list tab of paper A. And so on for paper C, D, E etc.

It can also be done by typing in the name of paper B directly into the list. Then paper B is only represented by a title and not yet linked to the actual file. On a later point, one can link the title of paper B in the reference list to the actual file of paper B, thus making it clickable.

This list would logically be accompanied by a second list of papers referencing back to that paper. Example: When the beforesaid action is done, paper A will simultaneously appear in a list in a tab/window of paper B of papers that reference paper B.

In other words, we both want to look back in time to see which papers are referenced in paper A, as well as looking forward in time to see which papers reference paper B.

There might be PDF-files that come with the list of all referenced papers as metadata. I don’t know if that is a thing, but if so, then EndNote should be able to directly take that list and display it and be able to find the corresponding papers (either within the database or online to the extent possible), so that the titles can be clicked to call up that specific paper right away.

Further functions can be expanded from this feature.

I hope this was clear enough.

(Obviously EndNote use the terminology “Reference” for each file/paper itself, so what I am talking about (using EndNote terminology) is references within each reference - just to be absolutely clear)

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I made this sketch showing how it could look in the summary window. I just took a random science paper from my database “2,500-year evolution of the term epidemic” and copied the references into a simple layout. As you can see, there are the two “References” and “Referenced by” tabs and when you move the pointer over the titles they will be highlighted and you can directly access that referenced paper.

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