Importing from my own database of PDFs


I just got endnote and I have folders on my desktop with loads of articles in them, and I am wondering if I can import them into endnote without much trouble. I wonder if endnote can “read” into them and take the references itself, or if I’m going to have to enter manually all the references myself. I also have other references in some excel sheets. 



Possilby.  Depends on the age of the PDF and what meta-data the PDF provider included.  But it will only be the bare bones, and not include abstract and other information that would come with a record downloaded from a database such as PubMed. At the worst, it will attach the pdf and have the file name as the title. 

X5 also has a update facility which MIGHT find the missing info, but that too needs some specific information in the record to go out and make a match.  In my experience you are better off adding them as you need them, or importing them from a database, if there is one available in you field. Books can be downloaded from library of congress or  some university libraries. 

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Thanks a lot Leanne!

You have just answered my question too.

Can you tell me whether EndNote X4 can recognize - and let me know-  whether a PDF has been OCRed or not?

OCRing the PDF is probably not enough.  It needs the meta-data with the key fields to recognize the PDF and import it properly. Endnote would unlikely be able to determine what the title was, and parse the authors, for example, from an OCRed document. 

I have just imported several hundreds of PDFs and about half of them were parsed just fine - except for abstract, keywords and url (and perhaps a few other less important fields). The earliest are from year 2000 while there are some from 2006 that were importated just with file title and attached PDF.

Don’t know what it means exactly.

What it means is that different providers include more or less information in the meta-data.  Few if any provide abstract and keywords.  but if you get the DOI or other critical info allowing it to match an existing record in at least PubMed (as I think I say elsewhere in this thread) X5 can update a ref with the missing information.  I use it rarely, like if someone sends me a PDF.  Most times I go thru a data base to retrieve the article then the PDF via PubMed, Scopus or Web of Science. 

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Thank you!