Import reference information from document name

Hi all,

I just started using EndNote and I wanted to import many PDF files from my harddisk. The problem is that the files are not tagged and all the information is stored in the document name.

E.g.      Author surname, Name (year), Document Title.pdf

Is it possible to automatically import this reference information into EndNote?

Thanks for your help!

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probably not, expecially if they are older.  The new “import PDF” only works if the PDF providers have the correct metadata in the file, and it won’t add it to your existing record, but creates a new record.  The find duplicates would then need to be used to copy the relevent materials manually to the new record with the attachement. 

I am afraid the best way is to download from a database, and use find full text to get those that you can, and then manually attach the remaining PDFs by the drag and drop facility.