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I recently upgraded to EndNote X6, I have previously used other versions of the program and like it very much. In previous versions when I added an attachment it was saved in the data folder, in its own folder that had the same name as the file.

I really like this feature as it allows me to find pdf files in Windows Explorer without having to powerup EndNote, in case I need something quickly.

With X6, when I added new attachments it put them in folders with numbers, not like previous versions where it had the name of the file and then the serial. How can I make it so that X6 again saves the pdf’s in folders that first have the name of the file and then the serial?



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It is my understanding that they had to change it as they were causing all kinds of grief as people used long names for the PDFs which doubled the length of the name when the folder had the same name, and all in all - didn’t play with windows 255 character limit on directory path and file name length.  You wouldn’t be able to adjust it back.  

I totally agree with Eric. A good solution would be to store the attachments like the following:

[First author name]-[year]-[first 3 or 4 words of the title]

i.e. and Impulsive Determinants of Social Behavior.pdf

It would be useful to strip words like “a”, “an”, “the”, “of” etc. from the folder names. For my opinion it is not to hard to program and for the case there is no author/editor or pub year given, just use the title or the cryptic numbers.

That is way too long for my taste. – I think the problem is getting a program to rename files will always not match every users preferences!  I use Endnote to manage the files.  If I do want to find something outside Endnote for some reason, I would use an indexed search of my drive which includes the contents, I guess.

Keep in mind; there are certain file name length and path name length restrictions imposed from the Windows operating system. Please see the topic “How long can a file name be?” here:

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