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Hi guys !

Im the latest member to the Endnote / TR Community and just learned a few things about it from my fellow labmate.

Im using Endnote X6 and he is using the lower versions.

I was just wondering, how can you change the PDF documents library in Endnote X6 so that all the files could at least be named as the author or title of journals. Mine appeared in numbers as attached picture. While my friend’s one appeared as the authors name and few phrases from the journal title.

Thanks in advance peeps !

What you’re seeing is a change in the functionality of how EndNote stores PDFs.

In previous versions of the program, the software would store the PDFs in a folder that reflected the actual name of the PDF itself.  This became a problem as some very long PDF filenames would exceed the maximum limit for filenaming conventions.

Because of this, they changed the storage behavior of the PDFs to a unique number.

However, the software isn’t really intended to be used to refer to your PDFs by the folder that EndNote is storing them in.

One of the things you can do, if you actually need to acquire one of those PDFs outside the EndNote program is to highlight the record you’d like the PDF from, and click the References menu.

In the References menu is a File Attachments submenu, containing a “Save As…” option.

This will allow you to resave the attached PDF anywhere you’d like.

I do hope this helps.



Just to add, that upgrading to X7 does give the opportunity to name the files by set criteria including author + year, or Author +Year + Title, Title, etc.  – but the folders I think are still numbered.  But then you can search for the PDF you are interested in? 

Hi Steve !

Yeah I guess its fine that they stored my PDF files in numbers. If I want them, I can just click to the file link in my Endnote and double click on that particular pdf.

Should be no problem at all.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi Leanne !

Yup I can search the PDF I wanted by clicking at the pdf file icon at the reference link.

Should be no problem.

Many thanks again :slight_smile: