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Recently I started testing Endnote X7 in combination with the Endnote app. All my refrences including file attachments are in my online libary of Endnote web. On my app I see all my refrences however not including the file attachments (there is only a ‘+’ figure present). What do I miss?


You need to tap on each file attachment seperately to download it to your iPad. This is by design and based on feedback from many cusotmers that they did not want EndNote automatically Synchronzing many PDFs to their iPad and filling up the limited memory on the tablet device. Personally, I think giving folks the option to do one or the other might be a better design so this is something we are looking into doing in a future update to the iPad app.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you Jason. Howerer I understand that you can do this when the attachment figure says ‘not yet downloaded’. This is not shown in my refrences. Only a ‘+’ button to add a attachment from a photo, downloads or dropbox’.

Perhaps I understand it the wrong way. I thought that all my  refrences on the Endnote web with attachments are only shown as a refrences without an attachmnet but with the message ‘not yet downloaded’. And if I tab on that, the attachment is downloaded.

Kind regards, Jorkie

If your references in EndNote online have pdf attchments, they should be available for download and viewing in the iPad app. If you are seeing something different, there might be an issue so I recommend contacting our technical support group:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Note that the attachment sync to EndNote for iPad only works with PDF files, not Word documents, text files, or any other type of attachment.

You may also want to try logging in directly to and see if you can see your attachments there.

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You to add this as a feature (automatic downloading) because quite simply your ‘focus groups’ or whatever are wrong. We definatly do want to ability to sync all attachments to ipad. can you please rectify this - i’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to do. or better yet allow compressed librarys to be synced via wifi or usb cable