Endnote iPad app does not automatically download PDF attachments


I use the Endnote app on my iPad to have access to my PDF-attachments while traveling or working abroad. However, it seems that the app does not automatically synch / download the PDFs attached to the references, but each PDF has to be downloaded manually. Given that my Endnote library has approx. 10000 PDFs, and given that I’m often working in places (trains, planes etc.) without internet access, this makes the app practically useless for my work. For instance, when working on a review  article, I have to have access to a (really) large number of PDFs and this is the only reason for having my Endnote library on the iPad. My question thus is: Have I missed some hidden feature of the app, or will automatic PDF-download be included in a future update? (As a side remark, storage space really is no argument here, as it is no longer a significant cost factor, and even my 10000 PDF library is below 8 GB, which I consider negligible by contemporary standards in academic work environments). My advance thanks for any suggestions on how to solve this issue!

This is by design as most customers have told us that they do not want EndNote to automatically download 5GB worth of PDF file attachements when they Sync. In the future we could add an option to allow users to choose to download all or download the files indiviudally which would be more flexible then the current design.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

And is it possible that we could have that feature available in the iPad app in a near future??? I totally agree with goschke; it’s useless if I cannot access the PDF files on the iPads’ library… If I have to still have the PDF files in the Dropbox to have access to them, what do I want the Endnote app for?

Hi Jason,

Can we please get an update on this?  I would really like to be able to download the associated PDF files with each of my references to my ipad!


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I’ve been using EndNote for years and the iPad app for over a year. I bought an iPad with 64 GB of memory specifically so I can access all of my library anywhere. Last year I individually and manually downloaded 500+ articles, and they all went away after either an OS update or an app update, and I am not eager to make the process a regular one.

EndNote team: PLEASE develop an option to download all attachments! Thanks for your consideration.

I wonder when this new design will be available in ipad? I don’t want to automatically download all PDF attachment. So having an option is better.

I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. The FULL synchronisation (including PDFs) with the iPad is the main reason I bought the app and I’m disappointed. The iPad is principally a reader, after all. I take the point about massive downloads so perhaps the compromise is to allow users to select records for full sync, which could be selection by group as well as individual records. Please fix this!

Has this now been resolved? I have just syn 900 refs on my iPad and now I have to download each one separately. Surely there must be an auto download option now?

It would be great to have the option to download all by the group. See attachment.

I agree. I don’t need all the PDFs in my database but to download all PDFs in a group would be immensely helpful. 

Same thing here. Please Endnote people, add the feature of “downloading all pdfs” (or at least all pdfs from a given group) as part of the configuration options.

Please Please Please update this function ASAP PLEASE!!!  i have 400+ pdf and papers and I really can’t click on download for every signle one of them!!! Thanks A Million!!!

2 years have passed since the intial discussion, has Endnote support fixed the automatic PDF download issues? I just started using iPAD app, and could not figure out how to do it. If I have to download one by one, then the iPAD app is useless!

Hi All,

This is possible in the current version for iPad.

In the reference list, click on the … icon. Click the open circle to select all refs. Then click download. This queues all attachments for download. 

See attached screenshot.


Hi All

This does work for the current version of the iPad Endnote app. 

Go to the list of references. Click on the … icon. Click on the open circle to select all references. Click download. This will queue all attachments for download. :catvery-happy:

See attached screenshot, for more info.


You do have the option in the latest version of the App to control the download of all pdf files.

In Profile go to Offline Attachment Access.

If My Library is clicked to the left then EndNote is not downloading all attachments.

You can switch the setting to the right so it is green then click Done then click Sync.

EndNote will download all attachments.

You can also via Offline Attachment Access set just certain groups to download all the attachments if you have the option off for the whole library.

Please contact Technical Support directly for more details.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1