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Being a happy EndNote x7 user for a while now, I just bought an iPad Air and the EndNote App to be able to use my EndNote library while commuting and to read and annotate my PDFs (no WIFI available during commuting).

I just purchased an iPad Air with the largest possible memory available (128 GB) so that I could carry around all of my research library. I was quite shocked when I realized that the Endnote App does not offer the option to download and locally store all of my PDF attachmrnts on the iPad.
I have no time to individually download and save over 5000 documents as ‘Favourites’ to ensure that all PDFs are stored locally on the iPad.

Since the EndNote App with its current limitations does not fit my requirements I will return my newly bought iPad Air to Apple but still hope that future versions of the App will include the option to sync the entire EndNote library with all attachments automatically. In that case I might buy another iPad.

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In addition to my previous post I would like to add, that I asumme that some users do not want EndNote to automatically synchronize many PDFs to their iPad and filling up the limited memory on the tablet device.  So I think giving folks the option to do one or the other would be the best solution.

I really enjoy using EndNote x7 on my desktop and it helps me to save a lot of precious time. Having the option to carry my entire EndNote librabry including all PDFs on an iPad would increase the value of my EndNote ecosystem tremendously.

So please keep up the good work and give us this option.

Agreed, there should be an option to select which .pdfs get downloaded and stored on iPad without having to go one by one to download and then favorite them.  Perhaps a group toggle?

Similarly, when I download .pdfs on iPad, read the article, download some more articles, but go back to the first few, sometimes they are gone and have to be redownloaded.  Very annoying.  It sounds like by your post if I favorite them they download will stick, but I was using the favorite option to mark important articles for later, since you can’t rate them on iPad (only on computer).

Can these features be added to the next iPad software update please?