File attachments format other than .pdf

Hi everyone,

I would like to attach a .epub file to my reference.  I did it and I can’t open it.  I tried the option Open File, and a window opens, asking me to Choose An Import Filter.  Why is it asking me that? 

Thank you for your help.


Usually it uses file associations set up by Windows.  Does it open correctly from a folder on the computer?  

.epub files are not like .pdf files and at present (in EndNote X7.4) cannot be: 1) automatically imported into Endnote (although the file can be manually added to the File Attachments field); or 2) viewed within Endnote. You can, however, view .epub files by: 1) installing the reader or viewing it on an e-reader; or 2) use a third-party app to convert the .epub files to.pdfs which could then be added to Endnote records (in the pdf format) and viewed within Endnote.

You might submit a request on the Products Suggestion section of the forum to enable Endnote to accommodate .epub and other e-reader/non-pdf files