How do I import attached files along with information?

Just to say this right off the bat, I am a brand new Endnote user.

I am an undergraduate volunteering at a law clinic and, like many others it seems, have run into problems filtering information from Westlaw.  In order to get around a lack of filters, I wrote a script in Python that allows me to pull the information from the original document and from that write a text file that Endnote can handle.  However, I am having difficulty importing file attachments.

In the custom field area, there is clearly an option for file attachments.  Endnote also recognizes what I am trying to do, as attached files of what seem to be the correct name show up in the information I import.  Unfortunately, when I try to open them, it tells me that it could not find the file.

Can someone tell me how to format an attached file so that Endnote reads it correctly?  It would be very helpful.  Below is an example of one of the test runs.

AF: E:\Drive%203\2008\LocalEnforcementofFedImmigrationLaw86_NCLR_1710_1814.html

EndNote filters can only import plain text files. I don’t think there is any way of importing HTML or PDF via the filtering process.

Perhaps the best option is to import the path into the URL field? Then at least you should be able to access the file from EndNote.

I know that you can’t import HTML/PDF files, which is why I’m creating text files with the information they contain.  What I’m trying to do is almost what you suggested, except that I’m trying to use the Attached File field.  I guess I’ll just put the file path into the URL field instead, although it still bothers me that the Attached File method didn’t work, and I would like to know why.