Filter for MARC authors

In EndNote I am searching a library catalogue through z39.50 and have problems with the information I get in the author field.

As an example, the record I am retrieving contains the following MARC:

100 1   $aRose, Richard,  $d1933-

In the connection settings I can modify the template to process the MARC:

  1. Using: 100 $aAuthor$dAuthor I get: Rose, Richard, 1933-
  2. Using: 100 $aAuthor,$dAuthor I get: Rose, 1933-
  3. Using: 100 $a,Author,$dAuthor I get: _ Richard, 1933- _

How can I obtain: Rose, Richard, 1933-

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Hi Luis,

EndNote’s internal author parsing logic isn’t set up to handle dates, only names.  Most MARC filters in EndNote’s connection files are set up like this:

100 $aAuthor$d{IGNORE}


100 $aAuthor$dNotes

I recommend one of the above two options; if you want to hang on to the date you can import it into Notes, but if there are several names you might not be able to tell what authors they went with.


Jeff Jackson

Thomson Reuters