Filter for text file in OvidSP format


I recently created DSI alert in OvidSP, in order to receive every week the newest references by email. 

I encountered a problem when trying to import the text file in RefMan 10.  I searched the internet and found a new filter: ovidweb.cap.  I updated it, but it does not work: no references are imported from my text file into RefMan. Perhaps because of the version 10 of my RefMan software?

Here is the format of the text file:

Unique Identifier
  Marquis BJ.  Haynes CL.
Authors Full Name
  Marquis, Bryce J.  Haynes, Christy L.
  Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
  The effects of co-culture of fibroblasts on mast cell exocytotic release
  characteristics as evaluated by carbon-fiber microelectrode amperometry.
  Biophysical Chemistry.  137(1):63-9, 2008 Sep.
  In this work, carbon-fiber microelectrode amperometry (CFMA) is employed
  to probe changes in the biophysical mechanism of exocytosis under varied

Has anyone got an idea to fix this?

I warmly thank you in advance for your help.

Try saving your results in the MEDLARS format, and complete reference (all fields). MEDLARS is a tagged format that looks something like the below.

PS --The filter I have from was a few years old and we had to make some updates so it would import some database results properly. Is there a more recent filter we can download?

UI  - 17846812
AU  - Maia CR
AU  - Matte BC
AU  - Ludwig HT
AU  - Rohde LA
FA  - Maia, Carlos Renato Moreira
FA  - Matte, Breno Cordova
FA  - Ludwig, Henrique Tschoepke
FA  - Rohde, Luis Augusto
IN  - Graduate Program of Psychiatry, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
TI  - Switching from methylphenidate immediate release to MPH-SODAS in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
SO  - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 17(3):133-42, 2008 Apr.
AS  - Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 17(3):133-42, 2008 Apr.
NJ  - European child & adolescent psychiatry
PI  - Journal available in: Print
      Citation processed from: Print
JC  - 9212296
SB  - IM
CP  - Germany
MH  - Administration, Oral
MH  - Adult
MH  - Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity/ep [Epidemiology]
MH  - Central Nervous System Stimulants/pk [Pharmacokinetics]
AB  - OBJECTIVE: To assess ADHD symptoms after switching from Methylphenidate Immediate-release (MPH-IR) to Methylphenidate Spheroidal Oral Drug Absorption System (MPH-SODAS) in clinically stable patients with ADHD and to identify predictors of dissatisfaction with MPH-SODAS.
RN  - 0 (Central Nervous System Stimulants)
RN  - 0 (Delayed-Action Preparations)
RN  - 113-45-1 (Methylphenidate)
IS  - 1018-8827
PT  - Journal Article
PT  - Randomized Controlled Trial
PT  - Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t
LG  - English
DP  - 2008 Apr
ED  - 20080917
UP  - 20080918

Thank you.  I’m going to try the medlars format. I hope that the import will be alright with the existing filter ?!

Thanks again