Edit: Fixed! NHS UYork CRD database has changed its export format to have tags - IF problem

Hello all, The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) has recently changed its interface AND its export format. http://www.crd.york.ac.uk/CMS2Web/SearchPage.asp

Where the old format has the tags like this, with three spaces:

Record #1


TTL:   Filaggrin gene defects and risk of developing allergic sensitisation and allergic disorders

AUT:   van den Oord R A, Sheikh A


The new format has the tags like this, with a tab:

Record #1


TTL:[tab here]Dietary exclusions for established atopic eczema

AUT:[tabhere]Bath-Hextall Fiona J, Delamere Finola M, Williams Hywel C


However, when I try to update my import filter so all the tags and the “Tag Format” section have tabs, it still doesn’t work. Specifying a TAB in RefMan doesn’t seem to equate to the TAB in the text file to import. Has anyone else run into this?

I’m using ANSI format.

So far the only workaround I can think of is to not specify the tab spacing in the tag format, and then go into each line and tell it to Replace the tab at the start with nothing. Update: though this allows me to import the records, RefMan doesn’t recognize the tabs in Replace either. I still have a tab character in front of the Title, Abstract, etc.

Thanks, Sarah

Update: Fixed! Format returned to normal, see below.

The XML import function doesn’t work for CRD’s XML export format either.

UYork CRD responded to my inquiry this morning – the export format is now back to the normal format, so my usual import filter works. Hurrah! The tags are now again with three spaces instead of a tab. Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Reading your post I gather that you have a RefMan import filer for the CRD databases that works.

I used to have one for EndNote but now use RefMan and haven’t found any leads on a suitable RefMan import filter for the CRD exports. Have written to the CRD today but would much appreciate if you could point me in the right diection for the latest working RefMan import filter.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Dr Prithwiraj Das

Dr Prithwiraj Das,

We have created our own CRD import filter, using the instructions for import filters in the RefMan user guide. It is customized for our own database, so some data isn’t imported and some goes into different fields. I can find out if I can release it outside our organization.

I agree there the import filters on the RefMan website are out of date - some by 5+ years. I don’t think CRD has one either; they’ll be able to confirm but I think they use Endnote too.



Dr Prithwiraj Das,

I’ve attached our import filter for CRD. 

Instructions for downloading results –

Export CRD results in tagged format.

Save the results in a text file. You may need to cut & paste the results into Notepad or another basic text editor. Don’t save the results in HTML format.

Note: we are not importing all fields. We have focused on enough to cite the reference. The link to the CRD structured abstract is in the abstract field.



CRD_CADTH.cap (1.97 KB)