Import filter: MEDLINE (OvidSP)

I need to import a file of references from MEDLINE (OVID) and have found that the filter with this name does not import any information in to the fields. I have used the ReferenceManager (RIS) however it is importing most references as web documents (even though the defaults if Journal article) and therefore the journal name is not in the its proper field.

Can anyone help?


Have just realised my error. I needed, in OVID, to change to reprint/medlars.


Hi, Do you still see more similar problems? I have a problem since last year and very frustrated.

I did multifile search in ovidsp (medline, embase ccrt), exported and saved the references and emailed to my colleague in Europe who is using Endnote x4

If I saved in RIS and she importing using “ovidsp (medline)” filter, all reference type became “webpage” and the journal titles were imported under “note”, although when i opened the ovidsp files and seems every field was tagged properly (eg, JA, JF)

then I direct exported references as endnote file (cgi), but when she imported it. all fields are empty.

then I tried to export into reprint/medlars, it works for most references but the authors were missing for a few references and the journal titles were in full and she had to do some work (through terms) for each library to have the abbreviation possible.

I am wondering if we have to use Medlars (i opened it, journal title, age, year, page all put under SO, then for some references if have discussion page after the last page, endnote mistakenly considers the last page such as 1171 as the year), do you have experience export references after multifile searches and deduplication from Ovidsp and import into Endoate? I assume a generic filter for ovidsp would be better than a “ovidsp medline, ovidsp embase, ovidspccrt” in such situation?

thank you for the help

correction: I meant if import RIS files using the RIS filter in Endnote x4, all references titels are put under "note"and reference type become “webpage” although those were jouranl article, thanks

Hi, am not really an expert and there maybe differences between x4 and more recent versions. It may help the other person to re download all the filters supplied by Thomson 

When I exported from OvidSP as ‘endnote’ I imported using the OvidSP filter in Endnote, when I exported from OvidSP as RIS I imported as RIS. There is also another option from OvidSP to export as Endnote and then you import using the filter ‘Endnote import’.

Regarding the jnl titles and how they are imported you may need to edit the import filter in Endnote to change how journal titles are imported or exported. Others will probably know more about this.


for jnl titles, the absolutely correct way to handle it - is thru the terms - far easier than trying to adjust what gets imported from the online databases… 

Thank you, it seems my co-authors is uing “terms” for the journal titles but i am not sure how to do it. 

I have asked my co-author in Europe to upgrade her endnote from X4 to X7, hopefully this works, I will consult you again If I have questions, so far I can only export my references from Ovid as :Medlars" (the endnote format and the RIS format both not working with Endnote x4).  Thanks

Could you clarify what you mean by ‘terms’? thanks  is the best place to go for an full explanation of Journal terms list and how they are used.