Find a Shared-library in Endnoteweb


I have an endnote-file, which I use and is also synchronised with Endnote web.

Apart from that, I also work with a shared library (read&write access). Because the person who shares the library with me, uses an older version of Endnote, I have to make change (uploads, etc…) using Endnoteweb. However, I cannot find the shared-library in Endnoteweb. What can I do?

For a better understanding: If I open a shared-library using the Desktop-Endnote, do I work directly online, or is a copy of the library also created on my hard-drive? When I use the shared library and then want to open my own Endnote-file, I am being told, that I already use this file. If I close however the shared library, I return to my own Endnote-file. This confuses me a bit. With what did I just work, when I have used the shared-library?

Thank you very much for your help!

The Shared Library feature is only available to a member of the Shared Library via the desktop version of EndNote.

To open the Shared Library you go to File then Open Shared Library.

You can switch from the Shared Library to your own library via the Window menu at the top of the EndNote window if you have both the Shared Library and your library open.

You can also adjust the display of both at the same time from the Window menu at the top of the EndNote window.

Please contact Technical Support directly if you additional questions about using the Shared Library and your library at the same time.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Hello TMartin,

Thank you very much for your response and your help!

I have one final issue: The person who shared the library uses an earlier Version than Endnote 8. I use Endnote X9.

Will there be any compatibility issues when Syncing updates in the library?

Kind Regards

We are sharing a library amougst different members of our lab, and it seems to be working despite some using X8 and other upgraded to X9.  

A Shared Library can be used across the different versions of EndNote. The feature was first introduced in EndNote X7 so anyone with EndNote X7 and higher can share to anyone with EndNote X7 and higher.