Move my own shared library to a new computer

Dear community,

I have created an EndNote library on one computer and shared it with others.

Now the computer is broken and I received a new one on which I installed EndNote.

I have signed in with my account, but when I select “Open Shared Library…” EndNote prompts “There are no libraries shared with you”.

How can I “mount” and sync my own library from the cloud?


Since you are the owner of the shared library the steps for you to open the library on a new computer are different.

In EndNote you would go to File then New Library and name this library.

Once you have a blank library open you would go to Tools and Sync.

If requested you would enter your log in details for EndNote online.

You will get a warning that you are syncing a different library and you would say OK.

Your data will then be downloaded from the web to populate this library.

If you have any trouble of any questions:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or