Find duplicates and groups

The “Find Duplicates” function is very helpful, but is annoying when the files are associated to groups.

Let’s say Reference 1 is associated with Groups A and B.

I merge a new database on a specific subject, and assign all the references (including another version of Reference 1) to a new group (Group C).

The Find Duplicates function will warn me that I have the same reference twice.

If I keep older ref 1,  I need to take a note and manually add it to the new group.

If I keep new ref 1, I need to manually add it to the other groups (and I also have to remember which groups that reference is associated with). 

I lost a lot of work (and time) doing that… 

When finding duplicates, is it possible to make Endnote assign to the prefered reference the groups that the erased duplicate was assigned to?