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I do not get it!? I just imported four AMR (Academy of Management Review) articles into Endnote. The journal is among the highest ranked journals in the management field and well listed in the Thomson Reuters Index. Why the h… does Endnote not recognize the articles and automatically complete the reference details???

It might just depend on the exact items you are hoping to update. I just did a very quick test - imported a few items from Academy of Management Review from Google Scholar and EndNote X7 for Macintosh found updates for all of them from Web of Science. If you paste in the articles you are looking at here, I can test with those and see if there is a specific problem that we can try to track down.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Actually I did not get them from Google Scholar, but rather directly from the AMR archieve. I would have loved to attach files, but I get the error message that I cannot attach PDF files or other types such as ZIP archives into which I could have put the files. Sorry. However, maybe it helps to tell you that my file name does not indicate an author or title. For instance, the file name is just something like “193.full.pdf”.

This however leads me to another question: When I find a paper on GS I usually have two things to deal with. First, I download the paper. Second, I download the citation from GS in Endnote format. Then I need to merge both in Endnote, i.e. add the attachment to the imported GS reference data. It would be great if both steps could be combined, i.e. downloading the file means also downloading the reference information and adding it to Endnote.

For me it actually turned out to be more convinient to download the file and import it to Endnote. Then I click of “find reference update”, which works for some of the files. Then I do not need to download the reference info from GS.

I just picked Google Scholar as one easy example. Regardless of where you got the original meta-data record, EndNote Find Referece Update should find more data if those records are also in Web of Science. But, of course, nothing is really perfect so there are certainly minor things we could tweak.

The second point is a good one too - download meta-data records and full-text PDF at the same time. This would save most of us tons of time. We are working on this - and have added some features in version X7 for Macintosh - but need to proceed carefully. There are many rules and guidelines that we need tp be aware of - from publishers, data providers, universities, etc. We try to balance respecting these rules with ease of use and access for EndNote customers.  There are other software tools that combine these steps with apparent little regard for these guidelines.

Thanks for the input.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for the reply Jason,

appearently AMR is in Web of Science. But, my Endnote does not find the reference update. AMR is such a reknown journal. But anyway, I will just continue doing it manually. If this functionality however would be much improved, then one would not have to worry about the other issue (i.e., separately importing PDF file and reference data from GS).

I have a library of just under 4000 references developed over a number of years downloading records from a variety of databases (ISI, EBSCO, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Geoscienceworld, blackwells etc).

The only records that find reference update and find fulltext will work on on ones recently downloaded from ISI WoK. The rest fail, even ones previously downloaded from ISI, but a long time ago.

I want to be able to update the references so they have the DOI data if available and also to download the fulltext for ones I have done it manually for. I don’t want to do this manually.

Is there something I am missing or am I asking too much?

I have attached a text file with four references. A new ISI one that works, an old ISI one that doesn’t and a sciencedirect and a scopus one.

any help will be much appreciated


Test2.txt (10.6 KB)