Perhaps unexpected, very helpful, use of "Find Reference Updates..." when importing PDFs

I’d never paid much attention to “Find Reference Updates” as I rarely enter anything but published articles (which thus don’t need updating).  But, I just stumbed onto a good use of it.  Sometimes when I import PDFs, even if they include a DOI, EN doesn’t catch it, so I end up with an entry titled “SJG-JFJF2.pdf” or some such, with no other information.

If I open that record and enter the DOI in to the DOI field, then do “Find Reference Updates”, in 9 out of 10 cases, it will retrieve the full record and let me update the incomplete record.  Pretty cool!!

Another, less critical, but sometime nice use is when I’ve got a pretty messy record (incomplete author names, abbreviated journal titles, missing page numbers, whatever).  Find Reference Updates will sometimes provide a useful update.  Much of the time, however, what it comes up with isn’t much better than what I already had.  But, it’s easy to not update, so it’s worth trying.

Cool feature.  I wish its use were better documented.