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I’m using endnote X3 and Word 2007 on PC.  I should cite in the text the last name of the author only and in the bibliography the initial of the first names and full last name, any idea how this can be done?

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Make sure the first “box” is not marked as in the attached picture:

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The Author handling is separately handled for citations (as shown in ronzemer’s view) and for the bibliography.  I am not sure I would recommend unticking that box though.  If two authors have the same surname, many publishers do want you to distinguish them.  If two records are from the same author and the initials are appearing, this is usually due to subtle differences that copying and pasting that author name from one record to the other, will fix. 

So under citation, Author Name, you want “lastname only” as shown in ron’s gif.  Under bibliography there is also an Author Name setting and want to select from the dropdown the order and initial format required by the journal in the bibliography, (last, first and with or without commas, spaces, initials, full first name).  

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first of all thank you very much for your help. I work for the first time with endnote and are not that skilled. i tried according to your description but for some reason it still doesnt work. i have to cite simple a quote by the authors: Albert Abramson,Christopher H. Sterling, appearing as follows as citation (Abramson & Sterling, 2007: p. 37) and in the bibliography full reference according to the harvard referencing guidelines:

Abrahamson A. & Sterling H. C. (2003) The History of Television, 1942 to 2000. Google Books [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 28.05.2010).

Any ideas? Thanks again for your help. i also posted the style template i use, maybe you can make the changes in there?

Harvard_(Uni_of_Liverpool_Laureate_Online).ens (33.2 KB)

First, I’m also really new to Endnote.

What is the problem exactly? Do the names appear as full names in the text itself, whereas you want only the last names to appear?

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it was simply that the Style in endnote was not the same as the style for word. so any preferences i made in endnote weren’t transfered to word. now everything is fine and works perfect, just 6 hours lost of my life. thank you all for your help.