Citations not Formatting Correctly: How to remove Initial Name (Surname)?

I am using Endnote X4 in Word 2007 with J Cell Biology style.

According to this output style, only last name will appear in the citation. For example: (Doe 1991). However, the citation come out with Initial name too (Doe, J 1991).

So, I checked the Author Name setting in the Citation section of J Cell Biology style.

First author: Jane Smith

Others author: John Doe

Capitalization: As Is


Nothing wrong here, right? 

And style in Word was set to J Cell Biology too and I updated the citation.

And I tried to exit the document and re-open it. But, nothing change.

How to solve this?

Million thanks!

Faiz Faiza

This problem is not related to two authors with same name. So, the answer below is NOT working for me.

This is likely caused by Endnote thinking that you have two authors with Cook as the surname and it needs to “disambugate” them. If you are referencing two records with Cook as the author - and they are the same author, open both records and copy the author name and initials from one and replace the other with that version. This is usually the result of some very subtle difference between the initials, spacing or some invisible character in one or the other of the author names.

I’m pretty sure that the author is unique with only one reference.

Please help me.


The J Cell Biology style file I tested does not insert the author’s first initial in the in-text citation but does insert a comma between the author’s name and the year:  (Doe, 1991). Your example omits the comma but  the Author Name settings match so oddly my style file works (inserts a comma) while yours does not.  I’ve attached the file if you wish to test it. (You’ll need to delete the comma between the Author and Year fields in the citation template if you prefer a comma-less citation.)

To rule-out it’s a problem with EndNote you might first try installing the patch for EndNote X4 as the patch addressed assorted issues:

After installing the patch, check if the author initial still appears in the in-text citation.  If so, you might consider the next step of downloading and installing another copy the J Cell Biology style file (or use the attachment).  (Go to EndNote toolbar, select Help, Web Styles Finder.) This is to see whether the problem lies in the style file (i.e., outdated or a corrupt file).  

J Cell Biology.ens (9.26 KB)

Does it happen with all the citations or just one or two? 

Hello CrazyGecko,

I’d installed the patch, but the author initial still appeared in text citation.

So, I downloaded and installed another copy of J Cell Biology using Web Styles Finder. saved it under name: J Cell Biology download. Same problem occured.

And used your attachment file too, saved under name: J Cell Biology Internet. And style in Word was change to J Cell Biology Internet and I updated the citations and bibliography.

And I tried to exit the document and re-open it. But, nothing change. The Initial is still there.

It’s kind of wierd.

And I found another problem. (See the attachment)

Hi Leanne,

It happen in all citations.

Please see the attachment above. I found out another problems.

[BLUE BOX] In Endnote, the word C. elegans is in Italic style. While in Word it is plain.


J Cell Biology Bibliography Template for Journal Article:

Author. Year. Title. Journal|. Volume|:Pages|.

After volume, it is suppose to has punctuation mark ( : ). You can see in Word, Selch biblio. has the mark. While Adenle biblio don’t have it.

Except for the Initial, other problem I mentioned above solved by Convert to Unformatted Citations followed by Update Citation and Bibliography.

I still can’t find out how to remove the Initial.

Help me , please.

Thanks for the jpeg - now that IS weird. Notice how that one entry seems to combine part of the title from a different entry.

Did you try a different output style to see if the problem continues?  What version of Windows are you using? And how did you install the J Cell BIology output style?

Thanks for the screen shot - it gives us the answer to the problem. 

Your problem with authors is with the way they are entered in the records.  It appears that you have the format

Adenle AA with a trailing comma,  (which endnote interprets as the preceding being all surname)

rather than the correct

Adenle, A A (note the comma and the all important spaces between initials) 


A A Adenle (which EndNote will interpret as the last name being the last listed “word” - which isn’t too good if you have double-barreled surnames). 

Did you manually enter your records? If you downloaded them, there is a problem in your connect file or filter. 

Hi Crazygecko & Leanne,

Now, its make sense why nothing change even i’m using differents style.

My mistake. I type it manually

Is there any chance to edit them automatically?

I wrote bundle of references in that way.

Any idea?

Please help


You could use the “Change Text” feature to which is similar to “Find and Replace”. Change Text can be applied to any of the EndNote reference type fields (e.g., Author, Journal, etc.).  Go to the EndNote toolbar, select  EDIT, CHANGE TEXT.

To learn how to enter information into an EndNote library, check out the Training section on the EndNote forum.

Really the quckest way would be to recollect those refs from Pubmed and books from a library or the Library of Congress thru the connect facility.  In Endnote X5, there is a new update feature that MIGHT work, but probably not.  It depends on whether you have enough information in your typed refs to match pubmed.   I just did a Pubmed search with elegans and space and got 193  hits and the book by Clements about Space Medicine came up in the Library of Congress search (albeit not with the year 2005, it hit versions in 2003, 2007 and 2011!)

This means the author info is correct, you get more information including abstracts, URLs and possibly the PDF via the find full text if they are in journals that you have access to.  (Unfortunately, it is unlikely the C. elegans will be italicized though.)

  • oh, but I am not sure the refs will be recognized in your document, as the authors won’t match.  Endnote X4 and X5 are pretty clever, but not sure they will be that clever…