Fix Inserting references- It is now a 3 step process

  1. The ‘Insert reference’ button is missing in Endnote 20

  2. inserting references is harder than it should be. Now a 3 step task.

When I find a reference, I should just be able to click insert.  Instead, I have to click ‘import’  into a list of recently added references.   This would not be a big problem, except that if you have already imported a list of other references, the reference you have just inserted is tossed into this list and you have to find it.

-If you are going to make us ‘import’ references first, at least leave the newly imported reference highlighted/selected, so that we don’t have to go through the list to find it.  Then we could insert if directly.

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To add to the original post, drag-and-drop adding of PDF references should be implemented. Every other major manager does this. I was surprised that EndNote 20 does not support this.