Moved back to X9 from X20 - X20 is unusable

I just uninstalled X20 and moved back to X9. The fact that I can’t select a reference from the EndNote list and insert it into a Word document makes the program unusable.

I know that from Word I can “search” for a reference in EndNote, but this requires significant typing. I much prefered the old approach. I could import a reference into EndNote, select the imported reference in EndNote, then with a single click, insert the reference into a Word document at the cursur location.

This is no longer possible. Now I have to import a reference into EndNote. Look at the reference, find a word/phrase/name to represent the reference. go to Word, in the EndNote menu search for the word, select the reference from the resulting list, then insert.

It went from 1-click. to 4-5 clicks plus typing.

Essentially, they took the main reason to use EndNote - inserting citations into a document - and made it unusable.

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Thanks to the feedback from users like you, we will be reintroducing the Insert Citation button into the EndNote 20 software soon. For further suggestions, we always welcome feedback in our Suggestions forum: and thanks for your support!

The bigger concern is why such a critical functionality was removed in the first place.

And exactly when will the feature be re-introduced? EndNote users have been beggin y’all for an Android app for nearly a decade, and this is the first time I’ve heard some of someone on the product team relying on “user feedback”. Most of us have jumped ship to other products at this point…

So frustrating. Had to call tech support to figure out a work around, which is hugely labor intense, versus just clicking. What a dumb loss in functionality, esp. at an upgrade charge for a worse product at least for this long time user. 

I agree - I hate the new version it is unusable. So many things slower and more complicated. I want 8 version again. 

Considering using a different system.l

I agree, a huge drop in quality of user interface (stark black and white with no option to change the depressing look) and functionality (click on a reference within endnote and all you see is squashed in a column at the right).

I agree. I just wasted 2 DAYS because I thought there was a problem switching between X9 and 20 that was causing the error message “no references selected in frontmost Endnote library” everytime I tried inserting a Pubmed reference. Come to find out - Endnote 20 won’t allow you to insert references while in the online mode Pubmed search section - WHY? This was such a useful user friendly feature?!?!? Please bring this functionality back like in Endnote X9!