Suggestion: allow attached PDFs to be dragged and dropped between references

This would be especially useful for when PDFs are importing and a full citation can not be created.  Users generally try to find a full citation to import by searching a database before manually inputting a citation.  This feature would then allow users to drag the PDF from the very initial reference with no information into the full citation reference easily.

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Yes, I have to do that a lot too, I try to import, but it fails and gives a new reference with just the PDF in it. Then I search online for the reference and import that instead. Now I have two records: one with pdf, one with citation. Either merging would be a great option or dragging and dropping the PDF between references.

BTW another good option would be to just drag and drop a PDF on any part of the Endnote application (except one of the references as that already works great) and that would then import the PDF. That way you don’t have to call up the import option, do all the selections and browsing …