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I am using endnote X3 and I am currently using “MLA-Style (no caps)”. I am using footnotes in my text and I want them to appear in a form like that: 1 … for further information, see Prince 90. or 1 … for further information, see Prince. But what I end up having either is this 1 … for further information, see (Prince 2003: 90) [–> that would be "Format citations in SAME AS CITATIONS] or this 1 … for further information, see Gerald Prince, A dictionary of narratology, Revised ed. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2003) 90. [—> that would be "Format citations in USING FOOTNOTE FORMAT] or this 1 … for further information, see Prince, Gerald. A dictionary of narratology. Revised ed. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2003. 90. [—> that would be "Format citations in SAME AS BIBLIOGRAPHY] All three results are not what I want my footnote to look like. I wonder if you can help me. Thank you very much for any comments and suggestions, Alex

Will they all be that way, or is there variety in the way different footnotes will be phrased.  We can help you edit the style to get that output (I think), but that will only work if you always want them all without parentheses and year, with or without a page number. 

Thanks, but it seems as if everything turned out fine.

All consecutive footnotes are in the format I want them to be, I just did not realize that all first citations are fully cited, every following citation is in the format “Prince”  - and so my initial question is solved.

But another question came up: Citations with page numbers in consecutive footnotes usually appear with 3 blanks between the name of the author and the page name and it looks like that:

Prince   90

And that does not look very good. I assume that is also not what MLA style wants that to look like. Do you have any suggestions what I could do?

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what kind of reference type is Prince?  I notice that the short forms often have a bunch of garbage in them for MLA’s output style. 

like this for Book Short form:

Author, Title| (|)| Cited Pages|.

I think you want to get rid of the extra link adjacent spaces (which look like little tiny centered triangles)  parentheses and other stuff.  I assume you have also gotten rid of the title from those which might have another space.  So your short version would be Author,|*Cited Pages|.  where the * is the link adjacent space, for each of the reference types “short form” templates. 

Perhaps someone should request that the Endnote folks clean up that particular output style’s short form footnotes, unless they are like that for a reason that I don’t understand?  I looked at several of the newest versions in the style collection, and they all seem to have those apparent remnants.

Thank you - your answer addresses exactly my problem. But where or how can I access the “short form” templates? When I go via the  “Edit output style” I can only see the templates for the ‘long’ form.

You were asking what reference type “Prince” is - it’s a book and in the bibliography listed as follows: Prince, Gerald. A dictionary of narratology. Revised ed. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2003.

Many thanks again.

Best Alex

in the footnote templates.  see attached image. 

The short from templates are not listed in my style “MLA (no caps)” - and, I checked, also not in the general MLA style…

I can add reference types, but not short forms like “Book section short form” etc. But since such short forms are created in my document, the template must be somewhere, I guess. But how can I access it?

Just downloaded it and the version I down loaded does.  In footnotes… I also note a tickbox that would remove the title, if not needed to “disambugate”.  see attached gif and I also attached a version I tried to clean up (after the screen shot) for book, book section, edited book and journal.  see if it works for you. I also ticked that “remove title” box. 

Remember you need to apply this style (save as leave with new name) to the manuscript you are editing and let it reformat. 

MLA(No-Caps) corrected.ens (77.9 KB)

short form functionality wasn’t added until version X4

ahhhh, missed the version in that first email.  Thanks ellell…

Anyway, thank you all for your help. I’ll just use the newer version and everything should be fine. Thanks!