Shortened citations

Two questions

  1. How do I get EndNote to provide the full citation and not the shortened version when using a reference for the first time in a particular chapter?  I’m using footnotes. Using section breaks in the documents does not help.


  1.  How do I disable the shortening of footnotes altogether?

Thanks a million for your assistance!

The answer to this would depend on your version of EndNote. With versions X4 and X5, the short form of the reference would be defined by the Short Form Template. In EndNote, click the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to the Style of your choice. Highlight the Style and click Edit. Click on Templates under Footnotes to see the full template and the Short Form template. You can copy the full template to the Short Form of the template to make the format consistent. Additionally, if the same reference repeats in consecutive citations, click on the Repeated Citations option under Templates in the Style editor. Here you can turn off the option to Use short form.

With EndNote X3 and prior, all Short Form options for the reference format can be found in the Repeated Citations option under Footnotes in the Style Editor. You can uncheck the “Use short form of the reference” option.

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